Lobo mascot aside transport cart for the disabled DSS has moved to Schulz 1014a: Disability Services for Students (DSS) has moved to Schulz 1014a. The entrance is to the left of the IT Help Desk.
Lobo SSU mascot reads a book We are now accepting Alternate Media Requests for Fall 2019: If you qualify for alternate media services and have your textbook information ready for Fall 2019, complete the Alternate Media Request Form to submit your request online.

Welcome to Disability Services for Students (DSS). DSS is part of a matrix of services under Student Affairs. Our department ensures that people with disabilities receive equal access to higher education. We work to protect and promote the civil rights of students with disabilities.  

DSS staff challenge and support students to develop self-determination and independence as people with disabilities.We work closely with students, faculty and staff through an interactive process designed to identify an accommodation that provides equal access, while also ensuring that the academic integrity of the University is maintained by requiring that all students complete the same requirements that have been determined to be essential to the program of instruction or directly related to any licensing requirement.

Sonoma State University is committed to providing a fully inclusive environment responsive to the needs of all students. This effort represents a shared responsibility of all members of the campus and will require ongoing, overall institutional attention and commitment for its success.